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Author: James Created: 11/7/2009 8:31 AM
Some of the handy thing things we've learned working with SalesLogix

If you've ever tried to grab an old Virtual Server .vhd and fire it up in Hyper-V you'll likely have run into a troublesome issue if the Virtual Machine Additions were not installed previously they seem impossible to get rid of while running under Hyper-V.  And since Hyper-V Integration Services won't install over Virtual Machine Additions you have to put up with all sorts of little issues with your image.

I found this set of instructions which worked remarkably well and has saved me countless hours of inconvenience porting over old vhd images.  I have to give credit to Martec on technet for this great solution. 

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Here are number of tips to help squeeze the best performance out of your SalesLogix web app.  Most of these come from Mike Streider.  Thanks for all your help Mike.

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  • Account Primary Key to a Clustered index
  • IIS Compression
  • Turn off Logging
  • Avoid Indexing
  • Content Expiration
  • Cache ISAPI extensions
  • Enable Buffering
  • Turn off debugging in web.config
  • Defrag Web Server
  • File Sharing Mode vs Application Mode
  • AntiVirus Exclusions
  • Remove Failed Queue Files

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